Economy Overview
This page is an overview of the Vy Verse economy.
The Vy Worlds economy is designed to support millions of players and grow the player base using Play & Earn systems and kickstart the creator flywheel with Create-to-Earn events and systems.
Below is a list of NFT and token types in the economy. Over time, new NFT types and use cases will be created.

Notable Assets Within the Economy:

  • Vy NFT: Playable NFT characters that are usable in-game, and the primary type of NFT sold.
  • Vy Sticker NFT: NFT stickers that can be used to customize a player's game or NFT.
  • Game World NFT: Creator-made games built within the Game World Builder that are mintable as NFTs and tradeable on our marketplace.
  • Weapon NFT: as new games are added to the Vy Worlds network, there will be additional cosmetic NFT that players can collect if they want.
  • Stars ⭐️: in-game currency earned from completing challenges in the Vy Worlds game. Stars can be used to unlock NFT rewards and claim $VY tokens in the future.
  • $VY Token: $VY is the token that powers the Vy Worlds economy and governs the platform. Read more in Tokenomics. More details in the $VY Tokenomics section later in the document.
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