Cool, collectible characters that bring Vy Worlds to life.

Vy NFT Overview

Vy are the characters that are used in Vy Worlds. Modeled after real-world vinyl toys, Vy are cool, collectible avatars that you can take into any game made in Vy Worlds. Each Vy is a unique collectible that lives on the blockchain, which provides a verifiable proof-of-ownership.

What's Included with Vy?

For every Vy you collect, you will receive the following benefits:
  • Vy profile picture showing your Vy, with a unique mint and season number.
Every Vy NFT comes with a high res profile pic
  • Playable Vy NFT: Make your NFT your Vy and play with it in the constantly increasing number of games available within Vy Worlds.
And a low poly in-game asset for the HTML5
  • Early access to the Game Worlds Builder. Players can use the tool to build Game Worlds and earn $Stars when the community engages with their Game World. There will also be design contests where builders can earn rare Vy NFT and Token Prizes.
  • Early access to Vy Worlds where you will be able to play with your Vy, and start earning Stars
    before anyone else!
  • There are a host of other benefits of owning Vy as detailed on the VY Society page.


The Vy Worlds team has been so inspired by the wacky, beautiful, and diverse vinyl toys that we've grown up with. The team hopes to collaborate with the Vy Society and external artists to create additional, unique Vy NFT.


Each Vy will have publicly verifiable, complete uniqueness.
  • Generated Vy are Vy that are programmatically generated from a number of different traits. Traits can be anything that makes the Vy unique: from the Vy's skin color, eyes, facial expression, or clothing and accessories. Some traits are rarer than others.
  • We will also support Limited Run Vy collections made by the community and IP partners. These will have a season number and a unique mint number, with a unique mint number on the Vy's foot.