Frequently Asked Questions

Project Info
  • What is Vy Worlds?
    • Vy Worlds is a Web3 crypto game platform on the Immutable X blockchain. The game is currently in Alpha, but is playable for those who have a Vy NFT. Gameplay is 3rd person obstacle course racing and elimination modes for now, and we are currently working on adding other modes like shooting, sport, and team modes. Users can create their own Game Worlds using the built-in editor with no coding experience required - simply drag-and-drop!
  • What is a Vy NFT?
    • Vy NFTs are the digital vinyl characters that you use to create,build, and play with others in Vy Worlds. Since it is an NFT, no two Vy will be the same! We plan to release 1-of-1 unique Vy with algorithmically generated traits, as well as limited-edition Vy that are visually differentiated by the mint number.
    • When you get a Vy, you get access to the Vy PFP (profile picture). You will also be able to play the Vy Worlds game using that character!
  • What tech is used for Vy Worlds and the Vy NFT?
    • Vy NFT exist on the Immutable X blockchain - an L2 on the Ethereum network. You can rest assured that you own your Vy and that it's unique.
    • Vy Worlds is an HTML5-based game running Cocos 3D. It runs in the browser with no other download required. This also helps our game be shared virally because there's no App Store or .exe files to download - just share the game to a friend with a link!
  • Who is the team behind Vy Worlds?
    • Vy Worlds is published by Knock Knock Games, Inc., an HTML5 game developer based in San Francisco, California. Our team is composed of veterans of the game industry. Click here to read about the team.
Vy Worlds Game Alpha
  • How do I play the Vy Worlds Alpha?
    • During the Alpha release, you will need a Vy NFT in order to play. In the future, it will be possible to play as a guest without a Vy, though you may miss out on earning in-game currencies.
    • Open on a desktop browser, and connect your wallet to the game. You will see any of your Vy NFTs available for use in the game.
    • During the Alpha release, only the Creator Engine is available. You can create your own Game Worlds, share them to friends, and have them play with you (as long as they also have a Vy).
  • What game modes are available in the Alpha release?
    • Only the Creator Engine is available in the Alpha release. This will allow users to create their Game Worlds, and share it to friends to play with them instantly. We are already building other modes like shooters, sports games, and teams.
  • How can I share Vy Worlds with my friends?
    • During our closed Alpha release, you can share any Game World you create. Simply load your game, and hit the button at the top of the screen to export your game. This provides you with a link that you can share with your friends. Note that your friends also need a Vy NFT to play the Alpha release.
  • How many people can play in a game at the same time?
    • At this time, we have no hard limit on how many users can play at a time. We expect about 20 players to be able to play simultaneously before encountering issues. We plan to introduce a max number of players in the future.
  • Will Vy Worlds ever be available as an app?
    • Maybe! It would be very easy for us to make a mobile app on iOS or Android - we just want to make sure that users are demanding that. Since there is a wallet needed, we decided to focus on the desktop web version for now.
Partnership Info
  • Why did we choose to partner with Immutable X?
    • Immutable X provides instant transactions at zero cost, as opposed to conducting sales on other platforms which can take significant time with higher costs. This benefits the Vy Worlds economy as well as Vy holders
  • How will we utilize content creators and other artists in the future to develop new NFT?
    • We are interested in getting renowned vinyl artists to create future Vy, and plan to provide them with royalties in perpetuity.
  • How secure is Vy Worlds?
    • Ownership of your Vy NFT is secured by the blockchain. They are as safe as long as your private key is; as safe as any of your cryptocurrencies. The Vy Worlds game uses HTTPS to secure the connection to the game.
Other Questions
  • If you want to learn more, join our Discord and ask a question in the Support channel.
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