Andrew Friday, Founder & CEO
Andrew Friday founded Knock Knock Games in 2018 with the idea of making HTML5 games that could be frictionlessly shared to anyone - no App Store downloads needed. Prior to founding Knock Knock, Andrew worked on the emerging platforms team at Zynga to develop chat and HTML5 games, and also founded his own educational gaming company. He was involved in the launch of 6 instant games at Zynga, including Words with Friends for Instant, which was played by over 100M players in 2017.
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Sean Maher, CTO
Sean "Smasher" Maher got his nickname for smashing software bugs. He is the CTO at Knock Knock Games, and has worked here since 2018. In addition to eating kale from his garden and fighting crime on the streets of San Francisco, he writes a mean Javascript. Previously, Sean worked at Jam City and led the engineering teams for the 'Avengers Academy' and 'Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mysteries' games. He led the Griffin Engine team (which powered all TinyCo studio games) and wrote most of the multithreaded code to take games multiplatform.
Called a 10x engineer by the CEO of TinyCo on the 'My First Million' podcast 🤣
James Boyle, Vice President of Product
James Boyle was employee #1 at Knock Knock Games, and currently serves as VP of Product. He has been in the gaming industry for 10 years and started as a Data Analyst before moving into Product Management. Previously, he worked at Jam City, where he was Vice President of Product and Studio Operations. James holds a Master's degree in Economics which he puts to good use shaping the Vy ecosystem.
Jamison Fullerton, Sr. Gameplay Engineer
Jamison has been a gameplay programmer for Knock Knock since 2018. He’s helped bring to life our projects like Stickerpets: Raid and Golf Buddies as well as projects from previous companies like Disney Magic Kingdom, Uno and Friends, and 4 Pics 1 Song. When he’s not scratching his head at some code, he enjoys playing tabletop role play games or “try-harding” in a variety of esports titles.
Cassandra Tulloh, Operations Manager & UA Specialist
Cassandra is KKG's Operations Manager and UA Specialist/Marketing Manager. Cassandra has grown with the company through the publishing of StickerPets: Merge, StickerPets: Raid, LMAO, and Design Master. Cassandra lives in sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico and has a huge passion for travel. Her curiosity and dedication to figuring out the unknown have been essential to her daily role handling everything from logistics to HR to finances to marketing campaigns. In her spare time, Cassandra enjoys salsa dancing and doing anything outdoors in the sunshine.
Michael Campagna, Project Manager
Michael is a Project Manager with a background in Game Design. Formerly, Michael has worked on various games such as Disney Magic Kingdoms, CSI: Slots, and more. An advocate for the player, catch phrases like “for the players” and “gameplay first” are at the core of Michael’s design philosophies for creating fun and intuitive experiences. He loves to play multiplayer games, especially First Person Shooters, and some of his all-time favourite games are Counter-Strike, Diablo II, and Destiny.
Brian Shelton, 3D Artist & Animator
Brian is a 25 year professional in the game development field, having experience at studios such as RockStar Games, and Capcom among others. Brian has worked as a 3D Artist/Animator as well as a 3D Technical Artist and Sound Designer and has had experience building 3D pipelines using engines such as Unity 3D and the Unreal Engine.

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