Vy Society Overview
Holding a Vy is your ticket to the Vy Society - a social group of Vy holders and Vy Worlds developers. Share in the future of Vy and get exclusive access to new content!

Vy Society

The Vy Society will initially start small as a Discord group for early supporters and Vy NFT holders. The Society is an area to socialize, work with the game devs, and participate in contests.

Vy Society Benefits

  • Vy Society-only Discord room featuring exclusive content drops and interactions with the Vy World developers.
    • Weekly testing sessions with the team.
    • Early sneak peaks at what is coming up next.
    • Info on special tournaments and building contests to win prizes.
  • Exclusive access to our Alpha and Closed Beta releases of the Vy World game platform.
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Vy Society
Vy Society Benefits