Core Game
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Here's a recording of a June Community Let's Play with the Devs.
Vy Worlds is a game platform that lets anyone instantly play games designed by the Vy Worlds team and the larger community. Currently, all games are 3rd-person platforming games, but additional modes will be added in the future.

Game Modes

At the time of initial launch, the following modes will be available:
  • Timed Racing: The game ends when the first Vy crosses the finish line. The player with the fastest time wins!
  • Elimination: The last Vy standing wins.
  • Individual score: The game ends when a Vy gets a certain score.
  • Total score: The game ends when all Vy in a game collectively earn a certain number of points. The Vy with the most points wins.
Additional game modes are on our Roadmap.
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