Game World Builder
Building your own game. No coding needed!
Early version of the Creator Engine


The Game World Builder is how you make Vy Worlds games. It can be launched from within the game at any time - there is no separate download required. As you are building, you will navigate the world just like you do as if you were actually playing the game that you are making. To build, simply drag-and-drop any object right into your game.

Game Manager

The Game Manger is where you set up your Game World. This includes picking your rule sets, naming your Game World, changing the visuals, and more.

Game Blocks

Create a game in Vy Worlds by assembling any number of game blocks. There are a variety of blocks and items to choose from.

Interactive blocks

Interactive blocks (also referred to as obstacle blocks) are used to create fun and difficult games for your players. Many of these blocks have properties you can adjust like speed, force, duration, and start delay.
Existing options include:
  • Teleportation portals
  • Bumpers
  • Swinging axes, hammers, maces
  • Boost pads
  • Anti-gravity zones
  • Pistons
  • Trampolines
  • Ziplines
  • Cannons
  • Force fields
  • Laser grids

Cosmetic Blocks

  • Platforms & walls (ice, grass, candy-themed)
  • Killboxes (lava, water)
  • Decorations (trees, llamas, etc.)
  • Coins
  • Rings (jump through to score)
  • (in-development) Basketballs
  • (in-development) Giant soccer balls
  • (in-development) Projectile weapons (fireballs, projectile guns)
  • (future) Hitscanning weapons (instant hit guns)
  • (future) AOE weapons (grenade launcher, missile launcher)


Items are objects that the user can pick up, jump through, or shoot in order to earn points. Many of these have already been developed with more to come as the platform progresses.

Properties & Translations

Block Properties

Obstacle blocks have properties that can be adjusted. Adjusting these properties will do things like make the blocks rotate faster, shoot Vy further, or move at different rates of speed.


Move any Vy Worlds block around and adjust its size and rotation to perfect your Game World.

Exporting Games

Once you're done making your game, you'll be able to export it so that others can play it. Exporting saves your game to Vy Worlds server, and provides you with a link that you can share to anyone. You can also find any games you've previously created and be able to make edits.
To have your game featured publicly, five Vy NFT holders will need to review your game and vote to have it added to the public rotation of Game Worlds available to the community. Games receiving enough nominations will be reviewed by the KKG team.