Reference for words used in the rest of the whitepaper.

NFT Types

  • Vy: Playable NFT characters that are usable in-game, and the primary type of NFT sold.
    • Also called Vy NFT in this document.
    • Traits: Vy NFT can be made from a set of randomly-generated traits. Other Vy will look similar but be limited in number.
  • Game building blocks: Assets used in the World Builder needed to build Game Worlds (can be cosmetic or functional).
  • Game Worlds: Games players play or build in a given session. These will be community-made and tradable in our marketplace.

Ecosystem terms

  • Vy: Playable NFT characters that are usable in-game, and are the primary type of NFT sold.
  • Vy Worlds: The two-part game platform consisting of playable Game Worlds and the Game World Builder.
  • Vy Society: The community that plays and builds in the Vy Worlds ecosystem.
  • Game World Builder: a no-code creator tool that players can use to build their own Game Worlds.
  • Create-to-earn: The concept that play-to-earn can be more than grinding. Vy Worlds empowers players to take their unique and novel ideas and spend time creating something valuable for the community.

Game World Elements

Game Worlds are built from the following elements:
  • Rule Sets: The rules that dictate how the game begins, how it works, and what the winning conditions are to finish the game.
  • Controller Sets: The input method used to support the rule set, or game type, for this game world. Vy Worlds currently supports platformer and 3rd person shooter controller sets.
  • Game Blocks: Assets used to build Game Worlds. Game blocks come in three forms: terrain blocks, interactive blocks, and cosmetic blocks.
  • Items: Elements of the game that players can interact and use to impact the gameplay of other players. Examples include balls for sports games and guns for shooter games.

Other Terms Mentioned

  • Lobby: A space where players go before and after they play a game.
  • Vounders: Community members that join the Vy Verse in the Alpha release of the game.