Vy Worlds Overview

Official Vy Whitepaper [last updated April 2022]
Vy Worlds is a Web3 gaming platform designed to onboard millions of players to web3 with a fun, social, and accessible gaming platform.
Using the Vy Worlds build tools, anyone can create games and NFT on the blockchain, no code required.

What is the Vy Verse ecosystem?

The Vy Verse ecosystem is comprised of three main components: the Vy (playable NFT), Vy Worlds (the game and builder tools), and the Vy Society (the community).
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    Vy: Vy are playable digital vinyl NFT toys designed to be used within Vy Worlds. Each Vy is verifiably unique and exists on the blockchain.
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    Vy Worlds: Vy Worlds is an instantly-accessible HTML5 gaming platform that introduces brief multiplayer gameplay alongside the first game-building tool for Web3 ever launched. Due to the ease of use and frictionless technology, Vy Worlds will 100x the number of potential Web3 players and will be censorship-resistant from platforms such as Steam, iOS, and Android.
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    Vy Society: The Vy Society consists of the social and economic systems for the Vy Worlds ecosystem. The Vy Society is a community of players, builders, and Vy holders that have formed to grow the Vy Worlds ecosystem.
    • The long-term goal of the Vy Society is to manage a growing Vy Verse ecosystem of Creators and Players building new and innovative projects with Vy.

Project Overview

Vy Lore

No one knows what mysterious power creates the Vy. All we know is, that they call it The Maker.
As the Vy are created by The Maker, they drop down into new Worlds with a desire to build, play, and explore.
Vy are competitive and social in nature and enjoy exploring new Worlds as they become available. Their attention span is fleeting and they require a constant influx of new Worlds to stay alert and engaged.
Vy are simultaneously funky and spunky and thrive on creativity and individuality.

Meet the Vy

Bolt - the first Vy NFT drop
The Vy are delivered by The Maker. The Maker shares a sneak peek of their work on Discord before delivering a new Vy into the Worlds.
The Vy are individually characterized by combinations of traits that make each Vy one of a kind. These traits may include base skin texture, facial expressions, poses, eye coloration and design, accessories, tracksuits, and colors.

Meet Vy Worlds

Screenshot from a community-made game
Vy Worlds is a two-part platform that facilitates both multiplayer gameplay and a Game World builder.
The game: gameplay is currently Fall-Guys & ROBLOX inspired, but there is a 3rd-person shooter game mode coming in July with more game types on the horizon.
The tools: the Game Builder is a no-code tool that allows players to design their own Worlds. These Worlds can then be shared with friends and played immediately in an HTML5 web browser.

Game Design Pillars

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    Simple to make games: The no-code game engine allows anyone to design and create a World in minutes, not months.
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    Live, social play: Multiplayer gameplay is designed to facilitate live, interactive social experiences with friends and the community.
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    Frictionless to share: Worlds are designed and shared in a web browser. Upon the completion of designing and building a World, players can immediately export their game and share a web link with friends for instant play.

Economy Overview

The Vy Worlds economy is designed to a) provide all players with ownership of in-game assets, b) incentivize creators to make great games and c) reward players for playing and connecting with other players d) grant all stakeholders governance rights over the platform that we make together!
More details on the economy and tokenomics are available here.

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